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SmartLegalForms® are powered by Rapidocsan®, an award-winning proprietary document automation technology that has an “intelligence engine” as its core. This “intelligence engine” allows our “smart” legal forms and documents to match the circumstances of an individual user. However, this figure does not take into account the value of underserved consumers. Many people take care of their own legal affairs – or do not get away with it at all because of the high cost of lawyers and the lack of accessibility. The size of this latent market is estimated at $45 billion, for a total size of $88 billion. If you would like free advice on how your organization can offer a legal document service, contact us or fill out this form: We sell our SmartLegalForm®s directly to consumers and small businesses through our own network of retail websites and other distribution channels, including law firms and independent legal document providers. Tax preparation professionals, real estate agents, financial planners, title professionals, insurance brokers looking for additional sources of income will discover that our SmartLegalForms platform is easy to implement and manage. For law firms, we offer our DirectLaw Web service, which is a hosted virtual law platform for singles and small law firms that allows them to offer online legal services without a large capital investment. DirectLaw allows a law firm to have an interactive and dynamic website that connects to clients. DirectLaw Directory of Virtual Law Firms is a directory of law firms that use our virtual law platform for DirectLaw law firms, which have the ability to provide legal services online. SmartLegalForms®, Inc., based in Severna Park, Maryland, is a leading provider of legal forms and intelligent documents connected to consumers, small businesses and institutions. SLF technology offers a considerable competitive advantage in this market and offers legal forms and government-specific documents, designed by lawyers, consumers and small businesses directly on the internet, at a very low cost.

From estate planning to divorce, name change, business start-up, identity documents and more than 450 legal forms and automated documents distributed on our very specific websites, SLF demonstrates the power of legal self-help software provided on the Internet. The United States is by far the largest market for legal services in the world. 50% of middle-income households in the United States have at least one legal problem per year, and the personal legal services market is estimated at $43 billion. In recent years, a $664 million self-help publishing industry has developed for documents and contracts. This represents only a fraction of the unassed market and revenue available to players who can enter the space and meet the demands of consumers and small businesses. If you are an assistant in legal documents working directly for the public, our SmartLegalForms platform increases your productivity and profit margins and isolates you from accusations of unauthorized legal practice from the organized bar. The weather is perfect for a new technology model for individuals and small businesses; Self-service with lower fixed fees and high margins for suppliers.