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There is a very close connection between suspension and termination and, depending on the wording of the clause, the final result of a suspension clause may be equivalent to the result of a termination clause insofar as each party has the right to terminate the contract at the end of the agreed suspension period. In the absence of an explicit contractual clause, it would be difficult to argue that there is a general right of suspension to the extent that the courts have always refused to recognize such a right. So it`s a good idea for the parties to consider a suspension clause in their contracts. In this case, they should also ensure that the contract is properly referred to the immediate practical consequences of a suspension injunction and the length of the suspension of a contract before termination can occur. Consideration should also be given to what will happen when work resumes after the suspension. If an owner`s actions delay the progress of a project but the suspension clause is not invoked, the contractor may request a constructive suspension. i) In general. The Secretary informs all parties to the proposed suspension procedure and sends the petitioner a copy of the suspension agreement adopted provisionally by the secretary (the agreement must contain procedures for monitoring compliance with the agreement and a declaration of compliance with the requirements of Section 704 or 734 of the law) inside To influence the progress of the project or cause delays. Typically, an analysis of the plan`s delay is required to assess the impact on project progress in a co-blocking claim.

(3) Opportunity to make submissions. The Secretary will provide all interested parties, a professional user of the individual or a representative consumer organization, as described in Section 777 (h) of the Act, as well as to U.S. government authorities, the opportunity to provide written arguments and informed information on the proposed suspension of the investigation, in general: (i) in general. If necessary, exporters and producers, or as part of an anti-dumping investigation involving a non-market economy country or a countervailing duty investigation, submit to the Secretary a proposal for a suspension agreement within the limits of: (e) exports should not increase during the transitional period. The Secretary will not accept a suspension agreement under Article 704(b) (2) or Section 734(b) (1) of the law (exports) unless the agreement guarantees that the quantity of goods related to the object exported during the transitional period covered by the agreement is the quantity of goods exported during a comparable period that the Secretary considers representative not to exceed. As with termination, suspension can take many forms. For example, a contractor may wish to respond to actual or alleged failures by an employer by suspending work, or an employer may respond by suspending payment. The suspension clauses in the contract can be very useful, but can sometimes be overlooked when the parties` emphasis has been taken into account by negotiating the termination clauses.