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Online Capabilities United Rentals Online Order Portal can be used to place orders for products available through this agreement at contract price. This punch-out catalog includes pre-installed account numbers, pre-installed construction sites and negotiated rental prices. i. “Liquid Solutions,” the storage, transfer and/or processing of liquids and includes, among other things, the rental of tanks, pumps, filtration and accessories, growing equipment or other items delivered to the customer, as well as all related services. Fluid solutions can include design, installation, operation, routine maintenance, monitoring and dismantling of the Fluid Solutions Services system. The customer must provide accurate measurements, specifications and all support documents to support Fluid Solutions as required by United. Unless the parties agree otherwise, the customer (i) must have sufficient lifting equipment on site to be loaded and unloaded during assembly and dismantling; (ii) using, removing, removing and pending, if necessary, pipe connectors and sauggitters; (iii) provide for all necessary containment and matting; (iv) obtain, if necessary, all facilities for access, authorization and accreditation; (v) provide areas of appropriate characteristics, water sources and access to these areas; (vi) provide, if necessary, the necessary controls for erosion, odour and traffic, including the rehabilitation of the site; (vii) provide, if necessary, adequate supplies and/or power, including cables and electricians; (viii) conduct daily inspection and maintenance of equipment during the rental period; and (ix) access at all times to the Fluid Solutions system and a clean, unfettered and secure area for the implementation of Fluid Solutions. 18. STANDARD. The customer is caught in default if the customer: (i) does not pay any money when it is due or if he fulfills, respects or maintains a provision of this lease; (ii) “insolvent” (as defined here) or should be assumed that the client could become insolvent; (iii) or be late. If the customer is late, United may take one or more of the following steps: (i) end the rental period; (ii) immediately declare the amounts owed and due for this purpose and take legal action; (iii) United staff or representative, accompanied by a notification; in the absence of a court proceeding, apply the client`s property and take all necessary steps to recover and recover the equipment, and the client accepts that requests for serlas, recovery and recovery and, therefore, all claims for damages and losses that have resulted, as well as all costs and expenses incurred by United during the reuse and recommissioning of the equipment; (iv) or other legally available remedies. The client is considered “insolvent” if the client: (i) generally does not pay or is unable to pay, or his inability or anticipated inability to pay his debts, as these debts mature; (ii) make an assignment to creditors or ask a court or tribunal to appoint a custodian, judicial administrator or administrator or a substantial portion of its assets; (iii) to enter into force a right or status of bankruptcy, relief, arrangement, accommodation, dissolution or liquidation of a jurisdiction, whether now or thereafter; (iv) has made such a request or request or initiated such proceedings against it, in which a decision of appeal, decision or decision or appointment is initiated; (v) to take measures motivating, approving or accepting the acceptance of such a petition, such an application, a discharge procedure or decision or the appointment of a custodian, beneficiary or agent for all or substantial part of its characteristics.